Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the subject of Crap Turkey Cow Bannanas and the Various Shades of mineral bunny

when i was 13 i had the mentality of what can only be described as a lollypop goth. everything i owned had to be black pink and purple, as so my bedroom was made. And when i turned 14 i wanted to change it completely but my mommeh said she would not redoot godammnt, so i have, eh, My Room.
1)my Cow Walls and Purple Ceilling
2)my 4.5" stilts
3)the dining-room table
4)my mom working on her latest sweater
5)my dresser 'post tornado' meaning normal
6)My Room from the hallway


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

don't bury me; i'm not dead :O

i haz gone T.T
but i iz back.
And where did i go? not a where. just skokt out for a bit. I guess because this is sort of a fashion blog, and the problem is THAT I NO LONGER GIVE A SHIT.
It was sort of an accident. a couple months ago, i had a cold, and i got on the computer and absorbed bravo's 100 scariest movie moments via youtube while my brain was thinking differently that normal.
And i thought, oh yessah i did. about those movies, the ones i'd seen, and one's i'd seen that weren't on teh list. i had a commentary with myself about horror movies(ime insaaaaaayne) and wocht some of the ones i had not seen, like Suspiria, The Exorcist,Scilence of the Lambs,Texas Chainsaw Massacre, ect.
And all the Crap-Turkey fashuns of today, such as the shirts passing as dresses put on 12 year olds and all that bull shyte seems so dumb to me now, liek, why am i still wasting time on such things?
For a while i've watched horror movies, good and bad, and thought about ways to improve them and make them soooo much scarier and more realistic and ah suppose i have not had the nerves to deal with this style blog BUT AH IZ DOON IT NAU.
This is one of those cheezy no-THIS-is really-my-dream-thing things, but i dislike the subject of fashion even more than before,to the point at which i don't want to adresse it here or anywhere.
I'll find some direction for this blog, whether ye like it or not.
(ime insaaaaaayne................)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

classical guitar

Dear boys and girls...


is what happens to you when you watch too much television. Go play outside.
Teh Walrus