Sunday, May 30, 2010

skroll down and feed teh fisheez

Okey-Dokey...a coat with fur, gloves, and a mini skirt. jeeezus!!!!who the hell wears a fur lined coat with a mini skirt?! the boots/ socks throw me too, i mean, what is this girl, an alaskan eskimo hooker? ug... please tell me no-one else understands this parka cheerhooker shit...

(miu miu 2010)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

gasp! i liek a fashun.

well well well... dare i admit that i love this? can we say hilarious? can we say awesome? yes we can! i love this dress. it's just totally groovy. i think the bottom should open up some more and the dress be made a bit wider so one can actually move around but it's a PIANO so hahaha. :D
only one thing....i got it from failblog so i don't actually know the designer, model, ect. if anyone knows can u help meh here i needs to give credits plz.

(prada fall 2009)
*sigh* yesterday mommeh and i went to the fabric store and got a pattern for 70's style pants and this blue fabric with like... funfur yarn stuff on it that reminds me sooo much of the cookie monster it is ossum. ;) and i am making the pants with it and some old fabric from around the house they are going to be so fucking UGLY and i can't wait to wear them and i can't wait to post pics(just gotta get phone minutes ug. >.<)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

the winner of the pissing me off contest

As it may be known, several fashion designers piss me off, and the top two of the day were Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent. the later won due to these...well, these:

this one appears to be a mysterious old person sneaking around and trying to skin palmeranians for scarves. it seems to be working so far. srsly tho: wtf! were would anyone wear this...uh...outfit anyway? somehow i can't picture anyone grocery shopping or getting gas in this garb.

this one makes me want to picture a black lab trekking through blue paint. the shoes don't freeken match. even i can see that they just don't go. whats with the ears hat, and why so mothman on the top, and nothing on the bottom? im dizzy. @.@
sooo anyhoo. i know i said no styleblogging but the secret rule seems to be that one must like the fashions to blog about them, and i can't stand about 99.8 percent of todays clothes, designers, and trends so yah i am just going to just be the asshole blogger who hates everything about the shit that is called "style". BITCH ABOUT ME TAVI.

Friday, May 21, 2010

omg rly ttly fa shizzle nothing,ect.

the poop that my creativity makes.....



at work today when i was filling the ice bins in the bar the waitress,who knows i knit, lugged in this gynormus hefty bag full of yarn for me with like 41 skeins of acrylic yarn(wich despite it's bad rep is actually really awesome to use)i was liek thankyouthankyouthankyou and, wait till my mommeh sees this and where are we gonna put it (we ended up hiding it under one of the tables) so i am sooooo happy and i feel a sweater and a blanket comin' on!!!!! X_X

currently i am working on white sweater with cotton candy collored stripes every 10th row. ug...tis my first sweater...

canoeing for this weekend also much organizing and cleaning of my room and work sunday nite. my new faroite song is 'lola' by the kinks. Also bought contra {vampire weekend} can't get enough. ^.^thinking about knitting something for a charity in russia.

(balmain fall 2010)
least favorite fashun of the week is....this thing! a wrap around gold alluminum-foil space dress for an otherworldly idiot with no fashion sense, or a thisworldly idiot with no fashion sense. yay foil.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

oh dearie dear.... i had this post where i dressed up in a shirt and floral skirt and pretended to be all modely and styley or whatevur. well yeah, i took it down. i searched the web for fashion bloggers and im finding 13 year olds(?)with short strait hair eating no food and bying desighner clothes and saying they actually like those "dresses" (i swear they are shrits! those poor models are so hungry they forgot to wear the pants!) that won't allow one to bend over.
i don't want to be a freaking style blogger cuz i can't pull off that skelato-munchkin look, and i don't have a billion dollars to spend on high-tech digital cameras, tickets to fashion shows and miu miu porn i'm out. sorry. no more.
i just can't do that shit all day.i have a knitting website under construction,plus school, work, my mom(were fighting over a religious disagreement. she thinks she's god and i disagree)a heooooge pile of books just waiting to be read, freinds to txt and find out why she was taken to the mental institution(seriously), collars to crochet for neighbor's cats,learning how the HELL i'm supposed to knit on double pointed needles, cleaning my room,writing down my theory on the further evoloution of humans,plus i have to read uncle tom's cabin and discuss it at the library(i went to the Anne Frank one today and i am the youngest person there^.^) sooo yah im busy plus i can't NOT eat anything...actually i bakes turtle brownies a while ago and now i'm hungry. BYE BYE I NOM NOM NOM NOW!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


*gasps* bigass news! i now have exactly one comment. boy-oh-boy do i feel famous.
i have to work all weekend even though my dad's birthday is this weekend and we're goin' out to dinner. a real high-end classy practically five star place called Outback Steakhouse. huzzah.

galleria a la willa:




i haaaaate putting pics on blogger, they never line up just where you want them too....