Wednesday, April 6, 2011

flat bob

Listen to this please, especially if you have ever seen a comercial for the AFI while watching a movie.

my friend Taylor and i had a nice, good old fashioned adventure last weekend. we went to an abandoned, falling apart house near my dad's place and got some bottles and took them to an antique shop and the lady who owns it said she would put them on consignment, and to bring some more stuff. we then went to my moms house and found two abandoned houses in the woods, and some weeeeer'd stuff,like a book written in 1976 called Hitler's Wartime Picture Magazine, a frying pan, a statue of a native ameican woman, and a kanvas painting of a sparrow. they are at Taylor's house currently and we hope to take them to the antique shop soon and get some dough.

i got a haircut last week that looks really nice, and some Bed Head magic obeying cream stuff(which i think is supposed to be a joke. have you ever seen a bottle? <.<)my mom also bought me roller blades, which make ah me happeh. we are planning to move to Costa Rica. whether there is even a 1% chance of that actually happening or not remains to be seen.

this weekend i go to my hometown, the population of which is about 250. i love it. my great-aunt shall make me her holy rolls(wait...oh. haha)that are so good they could stop a train.i shall eat at the best restaurant in the world and have a cheeseburger with extra pickles and mustard. i shall visit my old home and my kindergarden teacher, and take the loud, rumbly,dirty old boat that would make the ridiculous tourists going over piss their pants.i cannot wait.

Has Any Body Seen Koshier Pickle Harry?i swear to god that's what he said...............

Sunday, March 20, 2011


O.o well look-a-here! a blog! o.O
i am so damn bored that i figure even expelling my thinkins' into the e-mosphere seems like a good idea. i spent a couple o' weekends with myfriend, who has guitar hero. the playing of said guitar hero led me to bliss, more commonly known as Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson. has nobody heard this song or something? becuase it is simply so fucking good that if anybody i knew had heard it, they would want to writhe in it's excelence, and invite me to the writhing party. {i hereby declare that i shall throw a writhing party}
srsly tho, it is so be-damned boring in ye ole redneckville. i have this desire to go outside and move around. i guess that's normal cos it be spring. all i have do for fun is pokemon White, a sweater front to work on, and a book club book to read. but as far as the external temperature goes, these activitrois are Not Good Enough. i wish there was a roller rink or an ice rink, or friends that wanted to climb trees and go exploring. i wish i was five and rampaging about the island with all the childers. i wish i was eleven, working on the job site with my better-than-yours-by-a-landslide best friends. i wish i was crabbing or a pirate or hiking. T.T
in other seemingly random news:
yesterday i went shopping and bought American Eagle jeans for 40 dollars, and Ross jeans for 10 dollars. both brands are of the same quality.
recently i cooked and ate frog legs. they were lovely, and i am severely impressed with the leg muscles of frogs.
i cannot decide weather i want to move to Vermont and start a yarn store, or Louisiana and be a hot-sauce maker. maybe i will win the lottery and have summer and winter homes.(unless the GOP gets into office, then i will move to ethier Canada or Finland)
i saw the Next Three Days and i am officially in love with Moby.
i have more news, i'm sure,but i will not remember what it is until after i publish this post and go to bed. :)