Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Runaways movie-Fail Bomb

The Runaways Movie seemed to concentrate on Joan and Cherie the most, and diddn't give alot of information about the other girls, or the actual music.
It just portrayed The Runaways as tough girls who had a band and of course featured them doing every sexual thing a fifteen year old can do by law.
The only song we get to see composed is 'Cherry Bomb' in the beginning of the movie, and I wish the audience could have seen more about the actual composing of the songs and their shows. I definately think there shoukd be more information about the other three band members, and that happened to them.
This movie should have been more about the actual band and the effect it had on female rock and rollers, less " blonde fifteen year old does drugs and wears whte corset and oh! i almost forgot, is the lead singer of an all girl rock band."
Thought the runaways has a good vibe, it pretty much missed the boat on the actual plot. People In Bands Do Drugs And Have Sex had already been done, lets watch a movie about How Band Makes Music, Choreographs Shows,Books Tours, And Markets Media with a dialogue resembling Quentin Tarintino's work, especally in Inglorious Basterds.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I starded a Stitch N'Bitch :D

My mom and I put up posters,got an ad in teh paper,called people we knew, called people the people we knew knew,had it at a local bar, and BAM,on the 20th, we got seven people to come(six more than what we expcected) and they all signed up for the next one, wich we are having at the local arts council.
We got knitters,crocheters,a cross-stitcher,and one lady who knew nothing about ethier three, but wanted to meet some friends. :/
I started working on a messenger bagesque purse, made with two strands of multi-colored yarn called Mexicana and Bikini. that bitch is COLORFULLLLLL XD i will post the finished piece when it is one.
(we did not however, remember to take any damned pictures>>,<<)

Friday, July 16, 2010

time for feel good music time :D



band:le loup

just listen to the whole thing. feel good music for the soul...

avi's made on don't ask.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

grei dei

black and white randommenesse inspired by dead blood cells soaked into a piece of cylandar shaped cotton with photoze by Keith Haring, M.C Escher, Diane Arbus. Also pictures of The Runaways and Uma Thurman in Kill Bill Vol.1 and 2, and a Skull and knitting needles mug, and anime, and eye.
yes it HAD to be this one! GAH.

hope it was easy to swallow. dohdohdohdoh XD...