Sunday, October 17, 2010

the kind of high only open minded liberals can have;no drugs or megasharpie needed

o how i love myself.
EW MAH GAWD... we lost our high speed internet. but we got it back. i have been slowly shriveling up for the past nine days.
anyMcway,this week has been the Week of Music and Musicals, at leest foa mee. This must of course be started with imdb, when i looked up Inglorious Basterds, because, well... you can't understand unless you are a violent potential phycho.
so then i did Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for teh hell of it, and i learned that one of the brothers(who's extremely regal name is Sebastien Torkia) is in Mamma Mia as a stag. so i wocht Mamma Mia and looked reeely hard and found him.
I love that feeling of knowing something like that. even if it's a small minute detail, i know who someone is in a movie while everybody else watching it is concentrating on the main charactars in the maketh me to feel better when the internets is gone.
also right before the Great Tradgety of the Lost Onliness in the House of Teh Walrus, i had ah, discovered Rob Zombie. cannah get enough, and i couldn't listen to Living Dead Girl, BUT NAU AH CAN XD. and because of Mamma Mia, it's been Abba on rye all week.
i crocheted a rasta hat(cap)?:/ and then i made a pattern for my guitar teacher, and i shall post said pattern as soon as i organize it a bit.
if you love me get me one of these immediately:

and i believe it is safe to say that the world will never be the same:
*ah faints*

Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the subject of Crap Turkey Cow Bannanas and the Various Shades of mineral bunny

when i was 13 i had the mentality of what can only be described as a lollypop goth. everything i owned had to be black pink and purple, as so my bedroom was made. And when i turned 14 i wanted to change it completely but my mommeh said she would not redoot godammnt, so i have, eh, My Room.
1)my Cow Walls and Purple Ceilling
2)my 4.5" stilts
3)the dining-room table
4)my mom working on her latest sweater
5)my dresser 'post tornado' meaning normal
6)My Room from the hallway


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

don't bury me; i'm not dead :O

i haz gone T.T
but i iz back.
And where did i go? not a where. just skokt out for a bit. I guess because this is sort of a fashion blog, and the problem is THAT I NO LONGER GIVE A SHIT.
It was sort of an accident. a couple months ago, i had a cold, and i got on the computer and absorbed bravo's 100 scariest movie moments via youtube while my brain was thinking differently that normal.
And i thought, oh yessah i did. about those movies, the ones i'd seen, and one's i'd seen that weren't on teh list. i had a commentary with myself about horror movies(ime insaaaaaayne) and wocht some of the ones i had not seen, like Suspiria, The Exorcist,Scilence of the Lambs,Texas Chainsaw Massacre, ect.
And all the Crap-Turkey fashuns of today, such as the shirts passing as dresses put on 12 year olds and all that bull shyte seems so dumb to me now, liek, why am i still wasting time on such things?
For a while i've watched horror movies, good and bad, and thought about ways to improve them and make them soooo much scarier and more realistic and ah suppose i have not had the nerves to deal with this style blog BUT AH IZ DOON IT NAU.
This is one of those cheezy no-THIS-is really-my-dream-thing things, but i dislike the subject of fashion even more than before,to the point at which i don't want to adresse it here or anywhere.
I'll find some direction for this blog, whether ye like it or not.
(ime insaaaaaayne................)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

classical guitar

Dear boys and girls...


is what happens to you when you watch too much television. Go play outside.
Teh Walrus

Friday, August 20, 2010

art(s)forme: a technicolor journey

There are really so many different types of art, be them paintings, music fashion,whatever. Films can also be art, simply because of color and music and costume, and i believe movies have ceased to be art because of the way they are made, and the color used.
Movies from the 1970's are the best kind,using bright,vibrant colors. One of my favorite movies, Suspiria, uses 3-strip technicolor and spooky, whispery music to make it feel like a dream, yet still be terifying. The main theme of the soundtrack is in the entry right under this one.
Suspiria is a movie that everyone should see, because it's beautiful and vibrant and art.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre was art as well, simply because it was shot in normal weather and not through a 'bruisecam'.
You don't find movie art much anymore because that's the way (mostly horror) movies are shot. They are no longer vibrant art-in-motion but dreary stories that make you more depressed than scared. (kind of like how Michael Bay ruined TCM, and more recently has ruined Nitemare on Elm Street >.<)
I think there should be a revoloution in film making, and we should try to achieve that vibrancy again, and turn movies back into art.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Rip out the hair And scream in orgasmism...

oh mah gawd,awesomest thing evur, besides the actual movie itself. and kittens.and nutella, which i need to stop eating from the jar... AHEM. so yeah. gnoshe on this...

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I hate horror movies.

They are all about tits and helpless women. I want to see a horror movie with a strong woman. "There are plent of horrorfilme with heroines, bla bla bla." says ye. No No. I want me a woman KILLER. A dangerous, taking pleasure out of gluing some one's eyeballs into someone else's sockets,crazy,evil,aweful,fat,strong,nonsxeh killing machine.

The only place were really seeing anything remotely like That is japanese moveez, (And Misery. I LOVED LOVED LOVED Misery XD.)and all the phycho women are small animeesque covers-mouth-and-giggles types, i.e Audition( I LOVED LOVED LOVED Audition tho.)

I want to see something with a Leatherfacess, a Freddy Kreugeress. A really ruthless gal. and rachelless and sarahless,too.

And ah want one that is shot in normal weather, not looking like somebody is looking at the movie through a bruise. I HATED HATED HATED The Ring because of that.

So call me crazy and chant and carry on...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Runaways movie-Fail Bomb

The Runaways Movie seemed to concentrate on Joan and Cherie the most, and diddn't give alot of information about the other girls, or the actual music.
It just portrayed The Runaways as tough girls who had a band and of course featured them doing every sexual thing a fifteen year old can do by law.
The only song we get to see composed is 'Cherry Bomb' in the beginning of the movie, and I wish the audience could have seen more about the actual composing of the songs and their shows. I definately think there shoukd be more information about the other three band members, and that happened to them.
This movie should have been more about the actual band and the effect it had on female rock and rollers, less " blonde fifteen year old does drugs and wears whte corset and oh! i almost forgot, is the lead singer of an all girl rock band."
Thought the runaways has a good vibe, it pretty much missed the boat on the actual plot. People In Bands Do Drugs And Have Sex had already been done, lets watch a movie about How Band Makes Music, Choreographs Shows,Books Tours, And Markets Media with a dialogue resembling Quentin Tarintino's work, especally in Inglorious Basterds.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I starded a Stitch N'Bitch :D

My mom and I put up posters,got an ad in teh paper,called people we knew, called people the people we knew knew,had it at a local bar, and BAM,on the 20th, we got seven people to come(six more than what we expcected) and they all signed up for the next one, wich we are having at the local arts council.
We got knitters,crocheters,a cross-stitcher,and one lady who knew nothing about ethier three, but wanted to meet some friends. :/
I started working on a messenger bagesque purse, made with two strands of multi-colored yarn called Mexicana and Bikini. that bitch is COLORFULLLLLL XD i will post the finished piece when it is one.
(we did not however, remember to take any damned pictures>>,<<)

Friday, July 16, 2010

time for feel good music time :D



band:le loup

just listen to the whole thing. feel good music for the soul...

avi's made on don't ask.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

grei dei

black and white randommenesse inspired by dead blood cells soaked into a piece of cylandar shaped cotton with photoze by Keith Haring, M.C Escher, Diane Arbus. Also pictures of The Runaways and Uma Thurman in Kill Bill Vol.1 and 2, and a Skull and knitting needles mug, and anime, and eye.
yes it HAD to be this one! GAH.

hope it was easy to swallow. dohdohdohdoh XD...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

do i think? is not the question, do i HOPE? is.

Yes Honey I Hope. "Jo Calderone" who is supposed to be Lady Gaga is liek, extremely hot. i really really really hope that it is lady gaga because women who look like this are the ones i am atracted too most, so it simply MUST be GaGa so that i can be spared of having this be a man and we can put Lady Gaga on my list of Really Sxe Pplze wich includes La roux and Brice Dallas Howard and Alia Shawkat and i am becoming ravenous over the hotness of this person, so if you'll excuse me, i am going to go stick my head in the toillet and knit something so i wont start to scratch myself...

Sunday, June 27, 2010


is too a word!

gah.bored. i have saved up $1,017.40 towards a car(cawz im po' thats why) AND I MISS MY NINTENDO DS AND PLAYING MARIO CART AND I WANT TO WATCH FIGHT CLUB AND SPEED AND ALL OF JASON X,(caws youtube sucks pixels, thats why) AND NOMMONNOMMON ZOMG.
I am soooooo drowzy of these "feminist" fashun bloggers cause, um, supporting shyte that does not allow women to move physically to run, escape, or, oh say, breathe IS UN-FUCKING-FEMINIST.
and here, because when people post pictures of stuff, it always is some fashion doomywatzit, or photography whoozitwiggit, so here, because i am just that mentally incompitent, is teh Rofl:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i dont give two turkey fucks if he IS dead...

Ah male fashion designers... create useless clothing for manequins and think that women are only cooking cleaning fucking robots so why shouldnt we resrict their movement and make it impossible for them to do sane things, and put the manequin clothing on them?
sorry Alexander McQueen fashion slave imbeciles, i dont care if he is a rotting corpse, real human beings cannot function in the shit below:

is anyone else reminded of the beldam from 'Coraline' here?(above)


do i detect BARE BOOBIES in this one? WHO THE HELL WOULD WEAR THAT?!

also who the blazes would wear a BIRD?, especially if it's possible to droop your head too low and take a bite out of it.