Wednesday, June 30, 2010

do i think? is not the question, do i HOPE? is.

Yes Honey I Hope. "Jo Calderone" who is supposed to be Lady Gaga is liek, extremely hot. i really really really hope that it is lady gaga because women who look like this are the ones i am atracted too most, so it simply MUST be GaGa so that i can be spared of having this be a man and we can put Lady Gaga on my list of Really Sxe Pplze wich includes La roux and Brice Dallas Howard and Alia Shawkat and i am becoming ravenous over the hotness of this person, so if you'll excuse me, i am going to go stick my head in the toillet and knit something so i wont start to scratch myself...

Sunday, June 27, 2010


is too a word!

gah.bored. i have saved up $1,017.40 towards a car(cawz im po' thats why) AND I MISS MY NINTENDO DS AND PLAYING MARIO CART AND I WANT TO WATCH FIGHT CLUB AND SPEED AND ALL OF JASON X,(caws youtube sucks pixels, thats why) AND NOMMONNOMMON ZOMG.
I am soooooo drowzy of these "feminist" fashun bloggers cause, um, supporting shyte that does not allow women to move physically to run, escape, or, oh say, breathe IS UN-FUCKING-FEMINIST.
and here, because when people post pictures of stuff, it always is some fashion doomywatzit, or photography whoozitwiggit, so here, because i am just that mentally incompitent, is teh Rofl:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i dont give two turkey fucks if he IS dead...

Ah male fashion designers... create useless clothing for manequins and think that women are only cooking cleaning fucking robots so why shouldnt we resrict their movement and make it impossible for them to do sane things, and put the manequin clothing on them?
sorry Alexander McQueen fashion slave imbeciles, i dont care if he is a rotting corpse, real human beings cannot function in the shit below:

is anyone else reminded of the beldam from 'Coraline' here?(above)


do i detect BARE BOOBIES in this one? WHO THE HELL WOULD WEAR THAT?!

also who the blazes would wear a BIRD?, especially if it's possible to droop your head too low and take a bite out of it.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mary had a little lamb, you've heard this tale before; but did you know she passed her plate, and had a little more?

Ahhh.... i love my Olde Phone. It is a trac Fone that my dad got me for 15$.$ at the dollar general store, and it takes pictures so freekin well that i wouldn't trade it for the nikon AND ashton kutcher to go with it. It makes really cool effects, and only one of the below pictures is in 'negative'.(i bet you can't tell witch.....*sarcasm*)

So cha dudes i got bored and thought i'd stop roasting fashuns for a day and have Ye Readers feast yer eyes apon the trippy diana-esque (i think >.O) picherz to your south:

And if yer now not already dizzy and falling on the floor here be my favorite pixcks of myself, incase any shits are to be given about my appearence. my fave-of-faves is that at the bottom:

AU-REVOIR. =^.^=