Thursday, July 22, 2010

I starded a Stitch N'Bitch :D

My mom and I put up posters,got an ad in teh paper,called people we knew, called people the people we knew knew,had it at a local bar, and BAM,on the 20th, we got seven people to come(six more than what we expcected) and they all signed up for the next one, wich we are having at the local arts council.
We got knitters,crocheters,a cross-stitcher,and one lady who knew nothing about ethier three, but wanted to meet some friends. :/
I started working on a messenger bagesque purse, made with two strands of multi-colored yarn called Mexicana and Bikini. that bitch is COLORFULLLLLL XD i will post the finished piece when it is one.
(we did not however, remember to take any damned pictures>>,<<)

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  1. Funny post! Liking your blog.


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,