Thursday, August 5, 2010


I hate horror movies.

They are all about tits and helpless women. I want to see a horror movie with a strong woman. "There are plent of horrorfilme with heroines, bla bla bla." says ye. No No. I want me a woman KILLER. A dangerous, taking pleasure out of gluing some one's eyeballs into someone else's sockets,crazy,evil,aweful,fat,strong,nonsxeh killing machine.

The only place were really seeing anything remotely like That is japanese moveez, (And Misery. I LOVED LOVED LOVED Misery XD.)and all the phycho women are small animeesque covers-mouth-and-giggles types, i.e Audition( I LOVED LOVED LOVED Audition tho.)

I want to see something with a Leatherfacess, a Freddy Kreugeress. A really ruthless gal. and rachelless and sarahless,too.

And ah want one that is shot in normal weather, not looking like somebody is looking at the movie through a bruise. I HATED HATED HATED The Ring because of that.

So call me crazy and chant and carry on...

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