Wednesday, September 22, 2010

don't bury me; i'm not dead :O

i haz gone T.T
but i iz back.
And where did i go? not a where. just skokt out for a bit. I guess because this is sort of a fashion blog, and the problem is THAT I NO LONGER GIVE A SHIT.
It was sort of an accident. a couple months ago, i had a cold, and i got on the computer and absorbed bravo's 100 scariest movie moments via youtube while my brain was thinking differently that normal.
And i thought, oh yessah i did. about those movies, the ones i'd seen, and one's i'd seen that weren't on teh list. i had a commentary with myself about horror movies(ime insaaaaaayne) and wocht some of the ones i had not seen, like Suspiria, The Exorcist,Scilence of the Lambs,Texas Chainsaw Massacre, ect.
And all the Crap-Turkey fashuns of today, such as the shirts passing as dresses put on 12 year olds and all that bull shyte seems so dumb to me now, liek, why am i still wasting time on such things?
For a while i've watched horror movies, good and bad, and thought about ways to improve them and make them soooo much scarier and more realistic and ah suppose i have not had the nerves to deal with this style blog BUT AH IZ DOON IT NAU.
This is one of those cheezy no-THIS-is really-my-dream-thing things, but i dislike the subject of fashion even more than before,to the point at which i don't want to adresse it here or anywhere.
I'll find some direction for this blog, whether ye like it or not.
(ime insaaaaaayne................)

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