Sunday, October 17, 2010

the kind of high only open minded liberals can have;no drugs or megasharpie needed

o how i love myself.
EW MAH GAWD... we lost our high speed internet. but we got it back. i have been slowly shriveling up for the past nine days.
anyMcway,this week has been the Week of Music and Musicals, at leest foa mee. This must of course be started with imdb, when i looked up Inglorious Basterds, because, well... you can't understand unless you are a violent potential phycho.
so then i did Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for teh hell of it, and i learned that one of the brothers(who's extremely regal name is Sebastien Torkia) is in Mamma Mia as a stag. so i wocht Mamma Mia and looked reeely hard and found him.
I love that feeling of knowing something like that. even if it's a small minute detail, i know who someone is in a movie while everybody else watching it is concentrating on the main charactars in the maketh me to feel better when the internets is gone.
also right before the Great Tradgety of the Lost Onliness in the House of Teh Walrus, i had ah, discovered Rob Zombie. cannah get enough, and i couldn't listen to Living Dead Girl, BUT NAU AH CAN XD. and because of Mamma Mia, it's been Abba on rye all week.
i crocheted a rasta hat(cap)?:/ and then i made a pattern for my guitar teacher, and i shall post said pattern as soon as i organize it a bit.
if you love me get me one of these immediately:

and i believe it is safe to say that the world will never be the same:
*ah faints*


  1. The cape is great!!, and the last pic? haha :)
    so scary!!!
    Tonio, from the lovely san BLOG

    See you, hope you step by.

  2. You're as funny&witty as always, dear!
    And I can't wait to see the pattern you made.

    Also, lovely last picture, is that from Hellraiser? I think we have might have similar tastes, hmm? ♥

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~