Thursday, April 22, 2010

ichii wool yarnstores

victim of wearing 21st century fashion.


tired already and it's 8:37. been researching the cost of owning a yarn store in Vermont and lets just say that I NEED TO WIN TEH LOTTERY!!!!

ive been reading teen vogue and blanching at what is considered style these days. i hate that disguise-a-shirt-as-a-dress-and-wear-lady-gaga-shoes shit. can someone point out to fashion designers that if real women wear that shit they won't be able to sit down nor will they be able to run more than 3 inches without getting caught and slashed open by crazy people?

Went to dollar general to buy hedbands and earings to make me look more like a girl at work. it usualy wouldn't bother me but i've been mistaken for a boy 5 times already and i am pissed. bussing tables is such an emotional roller coaster, i know. 0'_o

back to work tomorow...may see a friend this weekend,idk.

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