Monday, April 19, 2010

Portfolio Review-1/2lateness 1/2bodily fluids


my county is supposed to keep track of my homeschooling and schedule portfolio reviews every semester or something, so of course it took them 7 years to schedule a meeting and 2 weeks to figure out why i hadn't shown up at school.

anyhoo, i finally had my first evaluation today. the guy who mom and i were supposed to meet with was driving away in his car when we got there and yelled out the window at us that he would be back in 15 minutes. when he finally got there his arm was bleeding{??} and he got blood on my mom's notepad and the review form.

then he picked up my history book and picked at his ear. i was soooo stunned i could barely describe my schedule to the guy! what a total ingrate!


after we left we went out to breakfast and got the mail from the post office{the redneck down the road decided to play baseball with our mailbox}and i had a check from the Pyramid Collection, a goth clothing catalogue. apparently they couldnt get me the dress i ordered from them, and they gave me the money. so i put that, and 20 bucks in tips i earned in the bank. horay savings account.@_@

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