Thursday, May 13, 2010

oh dearie dear.... i had this post where i dressed up in a shirt and floral skirt and pretended to be all modely and styley or whatevur. well yeah, i took it down. i searched the web for fashion bloggers and im finding 13 year olds(?)with short strait hair eating no food and bying desighner clothes and saying they actually like those "dresses" (i swear they are shrits! those poor models are so hungry they forgot to wear the pants!) that won't allow one to bend over.
i don't want to be a freaking style blogger cuz i can't pull off that skelato-munchkin look, and i don't have a billion dollars to spend on high-tech digital cameras, tickets to fashion shows and miu miu porn i'm out. sorry. no more.
i just can't do that shit all day.i have a knitting website under construction,plus school, work, my mom(were fighting over a religious disagreement. she thinks she's god and i disagree)a heooooge pile of books just waiting to be read, freinds to txt and find out why she was taken to the mental institution(seriously), collars to crochet for neighbor's cats,learning how the HELL i'm supposed to knit on double pointed needles, cleaning my room,writing down my theory on the further evoloution of humans,plus i have to read uncle tom's cabin and discuss it at the library(i went to the Anne Frank one today and i am the youngest person there^.^) sooo yah im busy plus i can't NOT eat anything...actually i bakes turtle brownies a while ago and now i'm hungry. BYE BYE I NOM NOM NOM NOW!

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  1. The fact that I'm commenting on this might be very creepy, but I read your comment on some other blog and that's how I found you.

    ANYWAY, "those poor models are so hungry they forgot to wear the pants!"? Um, HILARIOUS. Your writing is so blunt. I love it.