Friday, May 21, 2010

omg rly ttly fa shizzle nothing,ect.

the poop that my creativity makes.....



at work today when i was filling the ice bins in the bar the waitress,who knows i knit, lugged in this gynormus hefty bag full of yarn for me with like 41 skeins of acrylic yarn(wich despite it's bad rep is actually really awesome to use)i was liek thankyouthankyouthankyou and, wait till my mommeh sees this and where are we gonna put it (we ended up hiding it under one of the tables) so i am sooooo happy and i feel a sweater and a blanket comin' on!!!!! X_X

currently i am working on white sweater with cotton candy collored stripes every 10th row. ug...tis my first sweater...

canoeing for this weekend also much organizing and cleaning of my room and work sunday nite. my new faroite song is 'lola' by the kinks. Also bought contra {vampire weekend} can't get enough. ^.^thinking about knitting something for a charity in russia.

(balmain fall 2010)
least favorite fashun of the week is....this thing! a wrap around gold alluminum-foil space dress for an otherworldly idiot with no fashion sense, or a thisworldly idiot with no fashion sense. yay foil.

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