Sunday, June 27, 2010


is too a word!

gah.bored. i have saved up $1,017.40 towards a car(cawz im po' thats why) AND I MISS MY NINTENDO DS AND PLAYING MARIO CART AND I WANT TO WATCH FIGHT CLUB AND SPEED AND ALL OF JASON X,(caws youtube sucks pixels, thats why) AND NOMMONNOMMON ZOMG.
I am soooooo drowzy of these "feminist" fashun bloggers cause, um, supporting shyte that does not allow women to move physically to run, escape, or, oh say, breathe IS UN-FUCKING-FEMINIST.
and here, because when people post pictures of stuff, it always is some fashion doomywatzit, or photography whoozitwiggit, so here, because i am just that mentally incompitent, is teh Rofl:

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  1. yes! that little critter describes my day as well!