Wednesday, June 30, 2010

do i think? is not the question, do i HOPE? is.

Yes Honey I Hope. "Jo Calderone" who is supposed to be Lady Gaga is liek, extremely hot. i really really really hope that it is lady gaga because women who look like this are the ones i am atracted too most, so it simply MUST be GaGa so that i can be spared of having this be a man and we can put Lady Gaga on my list of Really Sxe Pplze wich includes La roux and Brice Dallas Howard and Alia Shawkat and i am becoming ravenous over the hotness of this person, so if you'll excuse me, i am going to go stick my head in the toillet and knit something so i wont start to scratch myself...


  1. this iiiiis Gaga.
    I mean, it's by Nicola Formichetti (her stylist, friend and member of Haus of Gaga) and (you remember the 2 hours interview?).

    she is really hot.
    H O T

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  3. Yeah lady gaga is pretty sexy hahaha have fun with your head in the toilet XD

  4. I saw other pictures which didn't look like Gaga at all,but here I can see her!

  5. Your comment cracked me up. I am following you! :)